SHHS 1:1 Device Insurance


South Haven Public schools is proud to offer affordable insurance to our families participating in our student device take home program.  Your policy protects your District-issued device against a variety of losses.  This document sets forth the terms of your insurance policy.  

Replacement Repair Policy:
South Haven public schools will pay for the cost of repair or replacement of an insured district owned device, up to the replacement value of the device or replace it with comparable device of similar quality and usefulness. This policy is limited to the replacement valve of the device and does not cover any other items, personal belongings, content or information stored on the device. Only district owned devices may be covered under this policy.

Term of Coverage:
Insurance coverage is effective once payment is made and continues until the end of the day before the start of the following school year. Pre-existing damage or incidents will not be covered.

Insurance Cost for the 2016-2017 School Year:
Full Fee: $50
Free and Reduced Lunch Participants Fee: $25
If no loss is incurred during the coverage period and the device is returned in good condition Full Fee payers ($50) will receive a $25 refund at the end of the year. 

Coverage Schedule:
First incident:    $25 deductible
Second incident:   Insured is responsible for 50% cost of repair or replacement
Third and subsequent incident:  Insured is responsible for 100% cost of repair or replacement
Chromebook, full replacement cost $172.95 + $25.00 Chrome Management software

Covered items:
Insurance is provided only for the device assigned to the insured student.
Temporary assigned or checked out devices are covered under this policy.
All accidental damage, such as:
        o  Cracked screen
        o  Damaged body or housings (scratches or dents will only be covered if they impact the usability of the device)
        o  Damaged keyboards
        o  Internal electronic components
Stolen items will be covered only once during the term of this policy up to 100% of the replacement value with an accompanying police report.
Device damaged due to spills or submersion will be covered only once during the term of this policy up to 100% of the replacement value.
Act of God:  Must be accompanied by a Police report or insurance report.
        o  Flood
        o  Fire
        o  Power surge due to lightning
        o  Natural disasters
Manufacturer defect

Items Not Covered:
Lost or misplaced devices are not covered under this policy
This policy does not provide coverage if you fail to notify the police in the event of stolen devices or failure to report act of God events.
Damage caused by your or other persons intentional damage or destruction of the insured device are not covered under this policy.
South Haven Public Schools will not cover a loss caused by accidental or intentional negligence that causes damage to the insured device or other property.
South Haven Public schools will not cover any loss or claim against the insured arising from any illegal acts or miss use of the device. See Acceptable Use Policy.
Only District-owned devices will be covered by this policy.  Any additional device or other property that may be damaged, lost or stolen along with the insured district device will not be covered.
South Haven Public Schools will not cover any loss due to a device being placed in an unsecure location.
Damage to District-owned devices not assigned to the insured.
Chargers and cords

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Devices: 
Must be reported to the school in 24 hours.
Police Report must be filed if stolen and the school must be notified. 
Parents responsible for the cost