Chromebook Exchange

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students!

Next week on Wednesday, January 19, and Thursday, January 20 during the study periods at the beginning of the day we will announce for groups to head to the ILC by grade level and last name to exchange your old Chromebook for a new one.  You will need to have your current Chromebook AND charger with you in order to get the new Chromebook.  If you have an additional loaner device you will also need to turn that in to get the new Chromebook/charger.

So bottom linebring your Chromebook and charger with you to school (like you should anyway) next week Wednesday, January 19, and Thursday, January 20.

**Special NOTE:  if you are not an in-person student please call the office to set up a time to come in and do the exchange after the start of second semester.  ie after January 24th