The Science Olympiad Team had a great day at the regional tournament Saturday.   Team leader, Mr. Stap, was impressed by the team's commitment to their practice schedule this year.  They competed against 14 other teams with the following results:

Astronomy (Katherine Hartmann & Philip Kerber) - 2nd Place 
Chemistry Lab (Milan Bittenbender & Sydney Barnes) - 3rd Place 
Codebusters (Myles Daugherty & Cody Hampton) - 4th Place 
Dynamic Planet (Kalin Hartmann) - 7th Place 
Experimental Design (Jacob Timmer, Cody Hampton, & Sydney Barnes) - 1st Place 
Forensics (Tabi Newberry & Aidan Souders) - 3rd Place 
Ping Pong Parachute (Philip Kerber, Myles Daugherty, & Jacob Timmer) - 5th Place 
Rocks & Minerals (Kalin Hartmann & Katherine Hartmann) - 1st Place 
Write It-Do It (Myles Daugherty & Philip Kerber) - 1st Place